Girl power 

If you didn’t already know I have an instagram account. User – anxietydailysupport. On there I speak about all things anxiety and general life quotes and tips. Today I wrote a post on girl power and supporting each other. 

Something I see a lot of is insecure girls that pick apart other girls and point out there flaws. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to other people and it’s almost became a natural habit to do this. Admire someone’s beauty without questioning your own. It’s such a cliche saying however we all really are beautiful in our own way. Never try to be a copy of someone else. I notice a lot that people try to change themselves, be that there makeup/hair/style in order to be like someone else rather than being the way they want to be. I hear a lot about girls loving a certain fashion or style but not having the confidence to wear or use it. It’s so sad that girls don’t feel that they can express themselves. 
We need to support each other and compliment each other rather than bringing each other down. “Girls compete with one another, women empower one another”. Being a female it can be hard to have high self confidence. We know how hard it is ourselves so we should help each other. Complimenting someone else shows your confident and mature enough to understand that complimenting another girl will raise her higher and also strengthen you. 

Girl power ✌🏻💗


Motivation and anxiety 

If you know me you will know I suffer with anxiety and have done for many years. It goes up and down however lately it has been pretty bad. I haven’t been going out as much; not eating well, exercising enough or sleeping enough. All these different factors combined tend to make me feel worse and don’t help the situation at all. I’ve wrote down a list of different things I’m going to do to improve my overall health and I’ll list these below and hopefully it gives you some inspiration too. 


This for me has forever been a struggle. It should be pretty simple however I really have never had a good sleeping pattern. When your an anxious person your mind tends to overthink. I worry a lot which in turn means I really struggle to get to sleep and end up being awake at ridiculous hours. To improve this I’m going to stop going on my phone at night and actually lie down and try to sleep. For me my phone is such a distraction so putting it down and letting your mind rest is really beneficial. Reading a book is also great before going to sleep. I also think it’s a good idea to have a night time routine. For example, getting your bed ready, having a relaxing bath, brushing your teeth, setting your alarm and just preparing your body for sleep. I’ve also heard a lot about a spray from this works called the deep sleep pillow spray. Please let me know if you have tried it and if it works! 


I’ve always done a little exercising on and off. Be it running or a little mini workout but never had a routine off it. I asked my friend who’s really into fitness to help me with a workout plan. I’m going to exercise Monday-Thursday and take Friday-Sunday off (those are the days I go to see my boyfriend). 

Food and eating:

I’ve never been a healthy eater. I have a fast metabolism and really struggle to put on weight. No matter what I eat or how much I eat my weight doesn’t seem to budge. I’m also extremely fussy. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of goodies and takeaway and it’s actually made me feel really lethargic. To tackle this I wrote down a shopping list and the meals I could make with it. I decided to start cooking every night and have a takeaway once a week. 


I don’t drink any alcohol at all. It was never a conscious decision I’m just not one for nights out and I personally don’t see the point in it. However lately I havnt been drinking enough water. I swear by drinking lots of water. Stayinf hydrated makes me feel energised and really helps make my skin clear. To keep on top of this I downloaded an app called daily water to make sure I’m drinking enough. 

I really hope this post helped you and gave you some inspiration if you’ve been lacking motivation lately or struggling with your mental health. 



I love visiting different places and York was a place I visited with my boyfriend on my birthday however I loved it so much we just had to go again.

York minster
York minster is such a beautiful building. It’s huge and no matter how hard I tried there was no way of getting all of it in the photo. So many people was gathered round and pretty much everyone was taking photos. We decided to not go inside this time as the queue went on for a while however on our last trip we did.

Inside was so aesthetically pleasing. The ceilings were so tall and absolutely beautiful. There was something everywhere you turn and you didn’t really know where to look first.

The streets were filled with little lanes with lots of cute quirky shops and restaurants, I couldn’t stop taking pictures! There was even a food fair when we visited.

Last time I came to York we decided to go to a restaurant called lucia wine bar and grill. The prices are really good for what you get, the food is delicious and staff are so friendly.

Last time we sat inside however this time we decided to sit outside.

The tables were marbled, the chairs had blankets on and there was even heaters. There wasn’t much seating however it was such a lovely setting. It’s quite hidden away in York so if you ever go don’t miss out on it!


Outfit post 

If you know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with fashion. I definitly don’t know a lot about it however I just love searching online for different pieces and styling outfits. I find it so exciting and it makes me really look forward to going out and wearing them. 

I found a website called ‘rebellious fashion’. I loved so many of the items on there and they were really my taste. I was slightly wary of ordering at first as I’d never ordered from there before and didn’t know anybody who had however I didn’t end up being disappointed. 

Top – 11.99, shorts – 24.99

Top –

Shorts –

The quality feels incredible and they look exactly the same as the photos (if not better) and the sizing seems accurate. I wear a size 6 if you are interested. I paid standard delivery and it also came within 2 days. 

Sorry for the not best quality photo however this is what it looks like worn. I love the fact the top is cropped however when paired with the high waisted shorts it doesn’t feel too revealing. 

I didn’t accessorie this outfit much as I don’t feel like it needed it however it may look gorgeous with some leaf earrings. Example below 👇🏻

Whenever I go out I always have to have a bag. I have a white one from boohoo that is a small simple structured bag with a long strap or alternatively you can use the small handle. The only thing I don’t like is the fact the hardware is gold as my personal preference is silver. 

I looked on the website and this sadly is not on sale anymore however they do have some similar! 

Finally the shoes. I wore some white sandals with a slight heel. These were from newlook. 

I’ve had these a while so I doubt they will still be on sale however there very simplistic so I’m sure somewhere will sell some similar. There perfect for daytime and great for when your going to be out walking a lot. There very plain however I love this as they go with the majority of my clothes and I can pair them with pretty much everything. 
I hope you enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to do do more outfit posts in the future. 

My dressing table 

Dressing table and chair – Ikea, mirror – Argos, shelves – b&m

My dressing table is my favourite part of my room. I like to make it very me and a nice place to get ready. To do this I’ve used lots of storage to keep it organised and neat. 

The accessories on the shelves and the  copper plant pot are from asda. The mirrored jewlerry box is from Argos. It’s just 3 separate draws with no compartments and I just find it the easiest way to store my jewlerry. The lipstick print I ordered on depop from ‘girl visual’ instagram – @girlvisual_ the quality of the print is exceptional and her designs are incredible. The a3 print cost 14 pounds inc postage. Please note I bought the frame separately on amazon. 

I ordered these jars again on depop from ‘babylioncrafts’. Also has an instagram account which is the same user as her depop. These cost 18.85 inc postage. There a gorgeous and unique way to store your items. I’ve used them to keep my makeup brushes in and hair grips and ties. 

To keep organisation in the drawer I’ve used muji storage to keep my makeup separate and neat. It’s a great way of making it easier to find your products and also looks visually pleasing. You can order from muji online

Lastly the boring part. The bin and storage box pictured are both from Ikea. They fit perfectly in the space and I use the storage box to store all my hair products. 

I really hope you liked my post and it gave you some insparation. I love reading about stuff like this so please comment if you have wrote about something similar and I will be sure to check it out! 


Last weekend myself and my boyfriend decided to take a trip to harrogate. It was quite a drive away so I had high expections. We didn’t really know what to expect however his parents had also recently visited and highly recommended ‘Betty’s cafe tea rooms’ so it was one of the first places we went. 

Just from walking past it was clear it was a popular place. It was where most people was located and there was lots of photos being taken. 

From the outside it was very aesthetically pleasing and even the window displays were incredible. 

The staff was so friendly and welcoming. The waitress made us feel at complete ease and helped with anything we needed. There was an amazing variety of choice on the menu (even for a super fussy eater like me) and I could even hear 𝒫𝑒𝑜𝓅𝓁𝑒 𝒫𝑒𝑜𝓅𝓁𝑒 𝒫𝑒someone saying how amazing it was from the other table. I opted for ice cream as I mentioned I’m really fussy however my boyfriend was a bit more adventurous and only had good things to say about it. 

My only complaint is the tables was very close together and with it being such a busy place it did feel like you was sat with other people and for me personally it did feel slightly uncomfortable however other than that it was such a lovely place! 

We also ventured round harrogate and there was lots of shops and a huge primark, which was surprisingly virtually empty and only had around 3 people in which I was very shocked about it. The place itself was pretty quiet which I’m not complaining about as it felt very peaceful however I wasn’t expecting it, maybe we picked a good day to go. 

Overall I thought harrogate was a beautiful place and it’s a lovely day out if your wanting a day trip somewhere! 

I hope you liked my first proper blog post and I’ll have many more to come. 


My first blog post

I decided to create a blog as I have an Instagram account.  My user is @anxietydailysupport and I saw a lot of people with blogs on there and decided I wanted to create my own. That page is mainly centred on anxiety and relatable tips and ways of dealing with it. As much as I love that Instagram account and will definitely continue to post, I thought this would be a great way of writing more and writing about different things and using my creatity. I will mainly write about anxiety/mental health; fashion; makeup/beauty; baking and lifestyle.

Please bare with me on my first few posts as I get used to blogging and familiar with it and I can’t wait to write some more posts.